Have you ever felt that there’s more to your life than what is happening right now? The feeling that there’s so much out there that you haven’t discovered and that you would probably never discover unless you make a drastic change in your life? The monotony of everyday, has it ever gotten to you? Have you felt the need to go out and scream at the top of your voice? Isn’t there more to life than meeting deadlines, social media, weekend beers and end-of-the-month pay-cheques? You don’t really understand what it is that is happening to you, but you know that everything must change. Has society imprisoned you and imposed upon you a set of norms that you can’t break out of? The need to question everything. I mean absolutely EVERYTHING.
Why should I decide upon a path that will enable me to ‘earn a living’? The very phrase makes the back of my throat itch. It’s as if being born is a burden. That every action of yours is an endless tirade of formalities that one is ‘supposed’ to do in order to ‘fit in’. Fitting into what? Why must anyone fit in? What is the meaning of our lives if we are to mindlessly imitate our peers or elders in their actions and thoughts? The individual does not evolve when he’s put in chains by the mediocrity of society. As commerce and trade expands, even this dire need of independence is marketed in the form of films and music. Heavy metal, V for Vendetta, but it all ends there. Why? Because we have jobs to do, families to take care of and people to please. Everything seems so pointless. All this innovation and technology over thousands of years squandered away on nothing. When will this agony end? When will we wake up?