1) Don’t wait for acceptance from your family and friends regarding the choices that you make and be responsible for those choices.

2) Happiness is a state of mind.

3) Procrastination happens because of fear of making choices and being held accountable to its consequences.

4) Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of being ordinary.

5) If you’ve never made a conscious decision to do something for the betterment of your own little community, you’re probably not going to save the children of Africa.

6) Maintain a journal.

7) Constantly renew friendships, they’re more important than you think.

8) Don’t crib or complain. Just let it go.

9) If you haven’t explored your own city/town/village yet, you’re probably not an explorer or traveller.

10) Patience is a virtue.

11) Relationships are neither necessary nor sufficient to define yourself. But if you find someone that remotely ressembles a significant other, give it a go. Even if it fails, it’ll teach you something about yourself.

12) Never look down upon anyone. You can always learn something from someone.

13) Don’t compromise on good food because of your waist. Exercise more to make up for gluttony.

14) Life’s too short to waste on things you don’t enjoy doing.

15) Life is a journey, not a destination